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Sportsef Consulting Sports Delivers Learning Programmes For Sports And Event Participants- Ahtletes, Managers, Administrators, Official And Coaches- Through A Series Of Tailored Educational And High Performnace Coaching Programs "National As Well As International".

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The Sportsef Consulting Sports

SPORTSEF – Consulting Sports is a Sports Consultancy & Education Training Provider based in New Delhi - India. We deliver sports training programs & courses as well international exposure through international trips either its sports/ educational or cultural throughout the India and beyond.

After setting up in early 2017, our young and dynamic organization is steadily making an impact on the lives of people across India who wants to further their education, vocation and qualifications in the field of sport, health and fitness.

SPORTSEF – Consulting Sports, specialize in providing Sports education programs, sports specific training program & high performance sports specific coaching designed to suit people who wish to gain accreditation as player as well as healthy human being.

In addition, SPORTSEF – Consulting Sports are proud to help getting sponsorship both aspiring and established athletes in their development by providing access, opportunity and support for them to progress through the sports education qualifications of their choice, thus giving an added professional dimension to their development. In turn, these athletes become ambassadors. Would you like to reap the professional benefits of being an ambassador for SPORTSEF – Consulting Sports? Give us a call!

Have a look through our website, checking back regularly to see all our new developments as they go live in this exciting stage of our progress here at SPORTSEF – Consulting Sports

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